All players must wear a jersey with a number. Jerseys do not need to match but numbers should be non duplicated front and back. If a team does not have matching uniforms then the Libero should not have a number so they are easier to identify. Since the libero is the only player that does not need a number, if a player does not have a number they will be designated as the Libero.

Reasons for Numbered Uniforms
1. For line ups;
2. It would be nearly impossible for teams to identify a libero without some uniform or number requirements and it’s already confusing in how they sub in and out;
3. It helps an opposing team to be able to call out which players are in the front row by the number on their jersey;
4. It is helpful in the event of misconduct to identify a player by their number.

Teams will forfeit 5 points per game for each player excluding the libero that is not wearing a number.

Score Sheet and Line Ups

Teams are now required to list line ups for score keepers to track servers and list time outs. The current score sheets have areas to record time outs and the line up. Officiating teams should be recording both and doing a line up check at the beginning of the game. If the server for each team is / (slashed), x’ed, and then circled the score keeper should be able to track the server for at least three rotations.

How to handle a Forfeit

If a team is short players when you call them to the end lines set the timer for 10 minutes and start charging a point per minute until the 10 minutes is up. The team may call both their 30 second time outs but be sure to set the timer and allow 60 seconds total. If the player arrives you must charge points until the player is on the court ready to play. The opposing team will start the game will a point for every minute the player was late. After 10 minutes the game is a forfeit. Give the team 3 minutes between games and if they still do not have 6 players set the timer for 10 minutes again and charge a point per minute. After the second 10 minutes the entire match is a forfeit even if there is a 3rd game. If both teams are short players charge them both a point per minute until one team has 6 players and the other team will continue to lose points until they have a full team or 10 minutes is up. Both teams could start with lost points and both teams can forfeit games.

How to officiate if a team loses a player by injury

The team must resume play with the position the player was in open on the court and that position must remain open so that the team will always have either 2 players in the front row and 2 players in the back row. If the player is able to stand and serve they may serve or the serve for that position is forfeited. The main thing is that I do not want the player hopping around the court so that their team may still play and risk additional injury. This rule does not apply for players needing to leave for any other reason – like they are sick or need to work.

More Clarifications:

1. Teams must have six players to play. In the event of an injury that occurs that day (the team must start with six) I will allow a team to play with five. The position on the court must be forfeited and if the player can not serve, the serve is forfeited. The player does not need to stand on the court. (The player may sit off the court and still serve during their term of service).

2. The pursuit Rule - A first ball passed either over or outside the antenna and then travels completely past the plane of the net may be played back by a teammate. The ball must travel back by the same direction. The player may travel by any legal means to get to the ball.

3. The libero will be allowed to serve for ONE player/position during a game. The player/position must remain the same for the entire game. The libero does not need to sit out a rotation to come in to serve for the designated player.

4. An incomplete team at the beginning of a game will forfeit one point per minute up to 10 points. After 10 points the game is forfeited. The team may call their time outs prior to forfeiting points if at least one member is present. The team has three minutes before the next game and then will start to forfeit one point per minute for that game until 10 points.

5. If both teams are incomplete they both forfeit a point per minute up to 10 points and then there is a double forfeit.


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