Please read this entire page before registering for a tournament.

To enter an MVA Tournament teams may enter online or mail in a roster form with the entry fee. Entries are accepted in the order they are received until a tournament is full. An entry will only be accepted if the tournament has openings for the division level the team wishes to enter. Entries must be received by the deadline listed on the schedule or will be subject to a $20 late fee if paid online or $40 late fee if paid the day of the tournament.

The MVA accepts credit cards for online tournament entries only. Credit cards will not be accepted at tournament sites.

No refunds will be given for any reason to teams that cancel from a tournament past the first deadline listed for a tournament.

It is mandatory that teams send an email notification that their tournament entry has been sent by mail, submitted online or at a tournament or league night. The MVA will reply and verify when the entry has been received ONLY if the email notification was sent.

Teams may enter a MVA Tournament as a member or non-member team.

MVA Member Team Entry: To enter a MVA Tournament as an MVA member team all players participating with the team for the tournament must be registered with the MVA as a Regular or Trial Member. Players listed on the roster do not need to be registered when the tournament entry is submitted but they need to be registered prior to participation. Go to Member Registration for more information to register individually.

Non Member Team Entry: Non member teams may enter the Roadkill Classic, MVA tournaments in Rochester, Arrowhead in Duluth and the MVA Championships, but teams must play one previous tournament to be eligible for the Championships.  Non Member teams may also enter any of the other MVA Tournaments once with a Team Trial Membership. A team may only use the MVA Team Trial Membership once during the MVA playing season. Go to Member Registration for more information.

***IMPORTANT*** You must complete these two things to secure a spot in a Tournament OR a League! NO EXCEPTIONS!!
(1) Submit a Roster (even if it's just a partial roster)
(2) Pay the Entry Fee

Click to pay for a Tournament Entry Online (or to pay a late fee or non-member surcharge).

Click to submit a Tournament Roster Online.

Click for a Tournament Roster Mail-in Form.  Print and complete the form and mail with entry fee to the address listed on the form.


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